40 years of passion

40 years of passion


The ANPN is created
(National Association of Hazelnut Producers)

Création de l’association ANPN (Association Nationale des Producteurs de noisettes).


The cooperative «Agri-Noisette» is created by the National Association of Hazelnut Producers. It brings together 70 cooperative members.


Agri-Noisette moves to Cancon. The cooperative creates KOKI, the brand recognisable by its famous logo with a mischievous squirrel.

Agri-Noisette s’installe à Cancon Logo malicieux
Plan de développement du verger de noisetiers à grande échelle


Large scale development plan for the hazelnut orchards : Agri-Noisette sets its sights on going national !


Merger of Agri-Noisette with the Agricultural Collective Interest Company France-Noix to create the UNICOQUE cooperative. This merger marks a turning point with a 1st development project on the Lara variety thanks to a unique offer in the French walnut landscape

Fusion d’Agri-Noisette avec la Sica France-Noix
Création du site Louberie à Cancon


Creation of the Louberie site in Cancon which will increase production by XXX


Launch of the economic development project called "10-20-30", anticipating a potential tripling of the cooperative’s capacity by 2030. Inauguration of its short product circuit "Koki La boutique" in the heart of Cancon.

Lancement du projet de développement économique baptisé «10-20-30»
  1ère campagne avec outils de stabilisation  


1st campaign with joint stabilization tools under the name UNISSONS


Creation of a new logo and a new graphic charter

Création d’un nouveau logo et d’une nouvelle charte graphique
KOKI fête ses 40 ans et crée le KOKI Parc Ecureuil


KOKI celebrates its 40th anniversary and creates the KOKI Squirrel Park: an ephemeral amusement park imagined and run by the employees themselves in order to introduce the general public to the hazelnut and walnut sector