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Driven by cooperative values, Unicoque is committed on a daily basis to its member producers and its employees; but also to offer quality products while respecting the environment and its territory.

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The vocation of our cooperative is to sell the hazelnuts and walnuts grown by the members, to ensure the sustainability of the farms and the development of the territory. The cooperative collects all the hazelnuts and walnuts from the producers and processes them on its sites in the Lot-et-Garonne. The objective is to showcase these fruits by packaging or processing them.
The key words at Unicoque are: fairness, transparency and respect for our commitments.
Unicoque embodies the values of cooperation: sharing and transmitting today the means to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Producers invest in the future of the brand and participate in decision-making. The Cooperative supports them on a daily basis in the management of their operations: technical advice, training, providing tools, sharing of good practices … The cooperative can also, in certain cases, offer its members financial assistance.


UNICOQUE wishes to preserve a satisfactory social climate for all the actors of the cooperative:
It aims to satisfy producers and employees (including seasonal workers) by respecting the legislation in force (health, safety), guaranteeing their income and their professional development.
It considers that the efficiency of the sector depends on the alignment of the objectives of all its actors and develops producer / employee cohesion through its activities


Because the sustainability of the company depends on the quality of its products and services, it has implemented a continuous quality improvement approach that goes from the orchard to the packet.
It ensures compliance with regulations by relying on regulatory monitoring and collaboration with administrative bodies for the formulation and application of texts.
It analyzes and controls hygiene and food safety risks.
It chooses to develop an internal reference system which faithfully reflects its approaches in terms of quality and sustainable development. It is recognized through combined audits based on recognized specific standards (IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, AFAQ 26000 …).
All the quality systems described above allow the steps from the orchard to the consumer in order to respect UNICOQUE’s commitments to its customers in terms of fruit quality (fruit edibility rate, compliance with specifications, monitoring of traceability…)


Because the preservation of the environment is a priority, Unicoque signed with State representatives a water charter for a better water management in particular thanks to the creation of new reserves. A task that has been recognized by various international awards.
Grassing of orchards is systematic to promote biodiversity. Also, phytosanitary treatments are reduced to their minimum to ensure a healthy life both for you and the planet.
UNICOQUE is constantly working to reduce the ecological footprint of its packaging by reducing its weight or by using more ecological materials.
Our buildings are covered with locally produced photovoltaic panels
In the hazelnut nothing is lost: the hazelnut and nut shells are used for heating or even gardening, which corresponds to a saving of 1400 tonnes of fuel oil per year.


An active and dynamic cooperative, Unicoque is a major player in the Lot-et-Garonne. It contributes to strengthening the attractiveness of the region and its ability to reach out on a national and international level.
By favouring local players for its supply strategy and partners (packaging, transport, printing etc.) Unicoque generates 650 direct, indirect and induced jobs on French territory.
Very attached to its region, Unicoque is involved in local life. Unicoque is thus a partner of sporting or cultural events, a way of supporting the cultural dynamism and the tourist attractiveness of the region.