Noix Unicoque

The walnut

The walnut : a treasure under the shell

It is outside traditional regions that UNICOQUE has developed its walnut orchards around the LARA variety.
Characterized by its large size and the sweetness of its taste, it is attracting more and more consumers.
Like the KOKI hazelnut, it is mainly marketed whole. The LARA walnuts, as well as the FRANQUETTE and FERNOR varieties, together constitute the entire production of UNICOQUE walnuts. They are available for sale from the end of September.

Whether eaten dry, crushed or in kernels, eating a walnut is both a pleasure and a tradition. It invites itself daily to our dinner table.

Our constant partner

Part of the oilseed family, walnuts can be enjoyed on all occasions. They are consumed both plain or in combination with salty or sweet ingredients.
They are a fantastic source of Omega 3 fatty acid.
To keep their freshness and nutritional content, walnuts should be stored in a cool, dry environment

100g of shelled walnuts provide :

Énergy 698 Kcal 2880 Kjoule
Proteins 14,7 g
Carbohydrates of
which simple sugars
10,8 g 
3 g

of which saturated
mono unsaturated
poly unsaturated
of which Omega 3
of which Omega 6
63,8 g
5,73 g
11,8 g
43,6 g
8,09 g
38,3 g

Cholesterol 0 mg
Fibre 5,7 g 23% AJR
Magnesium 126 mg 34% AJR
Phosphorus 384 mg 55% AJR
Iron 2,6 mg 19% AJR
Vitamin B1 0,395 mg 36% AJR
Vitamin B6 0,64 mg 46% AJR
Vitamin B9 135 ug 68% AJR
Vitamin E 3,54 mg 30% AJR