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10-20-30 HAZELNUTS

Today, 75% of the world production of hazelnuts is provided by Turkey whose production is in decline. However, the consumption of hazelnuts is constantly increasing thanks to demand from industrialists, consumer awareness for “healthy eating” and Chinese market consumption which is rising sharply.

UNICOQUE today is 50% of the European market share for whole hazelnuts with 4500 tonnes sold (the rest being intended for industry). The objective is to reach 70%.
Unicoque is enjoying a growing reputation on the international market which recognizes in the KOKI brand an exceptional quality of fruit.

It is in this context that the Unicoque cooperative, the leading structure for the production, industrial processing and marketing of hazelnuts in France since 1979, has been implementing since 2010 an ambitious development project for hazelnuts. This project, called 10–20–30, aims to triple production volumes by 2030 with 10,000 tonnes in 2010, 20,000 in 2020 and 30,000 in 2030

The development of the plantations is carried out according to an already approved model of efficient and sustainable irrigated orchard islands. The Lake Studies Office supports producers in the design of hillside reservoirs intended for irrigation aimed at enhancing the territory.
The surface development project is accompanied by the industrial and commercial development project to process and sell all of the volumes.

These investments are supported by numerous partners (European Union, Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, Lot-et-Garonne Department, Normandy Region)